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Once in a Lifetime

Yesterday, February 9, 2013, I saw a rare thing, a thing that I'd never seen before and that I immediately knew I'd never see again throughout the rest of my life. Do you know the feeling? Anyway, here's how it happened.

I'd gone out for a short barefoot run on the creek path. It was around eleven o'clock in the morning, and the weather was overcast and around 40 degrees. I'd just slowed down to a walk to go around the circle at the halfway point when I heard some honking.

I looked around for the source and saw some Canadian geese, maybe ten of them, walking on the little frozen pond on my right. Only, one of them wasn't walking—ve was flying low over the ice away from the group, and at that exact moment ve put vis feet down, kept vis wings spread, and slid maybe ten feet across the ice.

Then, as I was standing there wondering if I'd really seen what I thought I'd just seen, ve flew back the other way and did it again! There was a lot more honking, then they all settled down and kept walking toward the shore.

That is the story of the ice-skating goose.


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