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The Story of the Train Stamps

When I was only a few years old, I was a huge train enthusiast. My dad would take me down to the railroad crossing to watch them go by, and I could name all the different types of cars—or so I'm told. Even the curtains in my bedroom had train pictures on them.

I've forgotten just about everything I knew about trains, but it still made me happy when I bought myself a book of train stamps at the post office. After I brought them home, I realized I ought to save these pretty stamps for actual letters. (Yes, I do still write actual letters occasionally.) For paying bills, I figured I ought to get some boring stamps, maybe some of those ones with the flag on them.

So, just today I went back to the post office to get more stamps. But when I got there, guess what? They'd run out of everything except train stamps. This put me in a funny position. If I'd been given a choice, I would have bought the boring stamps without a thought; and even without a choice, I hesitated to buy more train stamps, even though I like them better. Weird, huh?


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