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Although there was no conscious intent that it should do so, this site has ended up with an organization similar to that of a book. Like a book, this site has the content in the middle, a table of contents on the left, and an index on the right; also, the content consists of a set of pages.

However, unlike a book, the pages in this site are arranged not in a linear sequence but rather in a hierarchy, or tree. The page you see when you first arrive (urticator.net) is the top page of the tree. Underneath the top page are several more pages, the first being the page About This Site. Each of these pages, in turn, has more pages underneath it, and so it goes throughout the entire tree.

In addition to the main tree, there is also a secondary tree, with top page Search, that can be used to look up essays, actors, and works directly.

The table of contents (on the left, remember) reflects the tree structure of the pages. It is intended to be simple and intuitive to use, so at this point I hope you can just play around with it and see how it works. However, if you get stuck, or if you just like seeing things spelled out, there is a longer prose explanation you can look at.

At present, the index (on the right) is really just a list of backlinks; see the essay Notes on the Index for details.

* * *

The index now also includes a history block!


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