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Here's a nice little form that runs a full-text search on urticator.net, courtesy of the search engine at Google. Just type in the text you're looking for and hit enter.

If you'd like to add more parameters to the search, or are just curious what's going on, you can also take a look at the original form.

The reason I'm using Google is that I know from the server logs that it scans the whole of urticator.net quite regularly. The very latest batch may not be indexed, but all the previous batches almost certainly are.

So, that's one caveat, that searches may not find the most recent additions. The only other caveat I know of has to do with the table of contents. Because the table of contents displays a complete upward path, any search that returns a page due to a match in the title will also return all the page's descendants will return, in fact, the page's parent, and all the parent's descendants.


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