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About This Site

Most of the points I want to address here I already addressed when I was setting up the original urticator.net project. The reason for the name “urticator” is the same. The possibly confusing navigational scheme is the same, too; I'm hoping it will make more sense in a smaller and more familiar tree structure.

The legal stuff is the same, too.

The main thing that's different is that I'm not making any guarantees about persistence of content. I don't expect that I'll change things around very often, if at all, but it could happen. For what it's worth, though, I can still guarantee persistence of location.

Finally, new content is likely to appear only rarely, at unpredictable times. That's just for my home page, of course—I still plan to produce regular additions to the original urticator.net project. If you want to use, say, Mind-It to keep an eye on things, I'll be updating the batch pointer both on my home page and on the root page of the project.