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Myth Plug-Ins

I had lots of fun playing Myth and Myth II, first with some folks after work, then for years and years on Saturday mornings. All good things must come to an end, though, and for Myth the end came in 2006.

Along the way, I made a few plug-ins (for Myth II). They're all pretty trivial, but they do create some interesting variants.

Baron.zipTulsamal suggested making a plug-in that would convert barons into warlocks, and here it is, along with a few others that I thought might be interesting. Try these as assassin targets!
Journeyman.zipThis plug-in fixes it so that journeymen use mana to heal, instead of mandrake roots. The mana recharge rate is fast enough to be useful, but not absurdly fast.
Hero.zipThe zip file contains eight plug-ins, each of which converts a single regular unit type into the corresponding hero unit type. None of the hero unit parameters have been changed.

(The warlock hero isn't quite right, but the others work just fine.)

Warlock.zipRecently I figured out that I just don't like games involving warlocks—all you do is spend your time microcontrolling the warlock. That's not what I play Myth for!

Thus, the zip file contains six plug-ins that convert warlocks into various other unit types. None of the unit parameters have been changed, except that I doubled the mahir recharge rate, it was too slow.

(This version of the exploding deer sometimes has to be detonated manually.)

Wight.zipIf you liked the plug-in that converts warlocks into exploding deer, but were sad that there weren't more warlocks to convert, well, this is the plug-in for you.