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Favorite Things

Now that I've been writing here for over ten years, I thought it would be fun to look back at what I've done and point out a few of my favorite things.

My absolute favorite thing on the whole site is the section Numbers. There's just a lot of really good stuff in there. These two in particular stand out; they're fairly technical, but they're also original results as far as I know.

Sums of Cubes

The results in Repeat Length Again aren't original, but they're quite fascinating, and not as well known as they should be.

A Theorem on Finite Abelian Groups (filed under Math) is a small result that's probably a homework problem in an abstract algebra textbook somewhere, but I still like it a lot.

My other favorite in the category Domains is the section Driving. I haven't been thinking about driving much recently, so it's old stuff, but still nice and solid.

In the category Glue, I'm really pleased with the sections The Mind and The Body.

The sections Memes, Philosophy, and Strategies also contain a lot of good stuff, but for some reason I'm just not as excited about them as I used to be. I think maybe it's because the ideas in there are so fundamental and so familiar that I now take them for granted; see The Good.

That's a good place to end the list of favorites. Of course there are lots of other little things here and there that I'm fond of, but oh well, not everything can be a favorite.

I also still really like the whole design of the site; I think it has held up amazingly well.


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