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Version 6 - 2014-05-30

  • Added the polytope library.
  • Made major improvements to fisheye mode.
  • Added paint commands (P and shift-P).
  • Added command to hide selection marks.
  • Added commands related to antiprisms.

Version 5 - 2014-03-15

  • Made "Save" command handle block scenes.
  • Unified "Load" and "Load Geom" commands.
  • Implemented round platforms in 4D.
  • Added viewinfo command to set start position.
  • Added various other minor commands.
  • Added minimal validation of object dimensions.
  • Fixed problem with game locking up.
  • Mostly fixed problem with keys getting stuck.
  • Added the geom3 and train3 examples.
  • Added train-helix4e to Train Examples.
  • Added the 120-cell to Contributed Examples.
  • Added shape reference page.

Version 4 - 2013-12-24

Major new features:

  • Added block motion.
  • Added block collision detection.
  • Added block insert and delete.
  • Added block scramble function.
  • Added elevated trains.
  • Added scenery.
  • Added custom textures.
  • Added fisheye mode.
  • Added a bunch of examples and documentation.
  • Added "page up" and "page down" controls.

Minor changes:

  • Added keyboard control to turn block separation on and off.
  • Added composite shapes.
  • Made more large improvements to the "what's in front" algorithm.
  • Improved the axis alignment algorithm.
  • Added line number and current token to scene language errors.
  • Revised the include file system.
  • Added % prefix for binary numbers.
  • Added genpoly command.
  • Added arithmetic and various other minor commands.
  • Made brown a predefined color.
  • Added "t" instruction for building tracks.
  • Fixed a bug when losing focus.
  • Fixed a bug in the shape rotation function.

Version 3 - 2013-11-03

  • Added trains and everything related to trains.
  • Added a bunch of examples and documentation.
  • Added texture 0 colorization.
  • Added new geometry commands (rotate, altrot, altpoly, frustum).
  • Added symbolic constants for colors, axes, and directions.
  • Added "reload" menu command.
  • Made two large improvements to the "what's in front" algorithm.
  • Fixed it so you can't get stuck inside blocks.

Version 2 - 2013-10-16

  • Added clipping.
  • Added new geometry commands (scale, glass, polygon, prism, cone).
  • Made blocks obstruct user motion.

Version 1 - 2013-09-30

  • The original version, with no clipping except backface culling.