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System Requirements

The game is a stand-alone program written in Java, so you need to be able to run such things. Having a browser that supports Java is not sufficient. Fortunately, many computers these days come with Java preinstalled. If you don't already have it, it's pretty easy to set up, especially since I put together some notes to get you started.

Apart from that, there are essentially no system requirements. The game ran fine on my ancient 266 MHz Pentium II.


For a quick start, here's the one file you need to get.

maze-2008-exe.jar (about 0.5M)

There are some other files you can download if you're looking for source code and/or copies of these web pages.

Running the Game

You might be able to run the game by clicking or double-clicking on the jar file. If that doesn't work, you can certainly run it from the command line, as follows.

  1. Bring up a command prompt, terminal window, or whatever you call it.
  2. Change directories to where the jar file is.
  3. Type the exact command java -jar maze-2008-exe.jar

If you wind up playing a lot, you'll probably want to find a more efficient way to do the same thing, but the details will depend on your operating system.